• philoselene97 9w

    Now I am set free.

    I sing this song of melancholy,
    Of pain that rots my heart,
    Flaws of past haunts me at three,
    Rips my soul apart.

    My peace has gone adrift at sea,
    In loneliness I sail,
    To find a key and set me free,
    But nothing I could hail.

    I sailed and sailed to the ocean's tip,
    For a way to undo my past,
    But unfortunate struck hard my ship,
    I began sinking in the vast.

    By inches I was going down,
    I thought I sailed in vain,
    My heart then burst a light that shone,
    Told me how to break this chain.

    With that new hope and strength I bore,
    Mused to swim back all the way,
    I swam and swam and reach the shore,
    And changed my life that day.

    My past will always not define,
    The man that I will be,
    Lessons learned will be my shrine,
    And thus now I am set free.