• bolanle 24w

    Was Flesh

    I was flesh
    I was sold under sin
    It captured my root
    Sucked deep in my branches
    I was weary, I couldn't grow
    I withered like the fig tree
    My beauty, my flowers faded away
    I lacked essence
    I died
    Deep down, my soul cried out
    I needed a quickening, a resurrection
    I wanted life....everlasting life
    Before long, a strong wind blew upon me
    And there was a great shaking
    There was a pouring of fresh water
    And I mumbled up few words from within
    I was saved!
    Then I craved him more and more
    The living water, I had found him, I found life
    Because i had found knowledge of his existence
    He blew upon me daily and watered me until i grew
    and had the capacity to hold his water
    I waxed strong in stature and height until i became a tree...
    A tree of rightousness and I bear much fruit.