• hritikaaaaa 5w

    1. I am like a chaos, hysterical .
    I can forget things like a channels flipped aimlessly and yet remember things which are absolutely unesscary.
    2. I can cajole through cakes and hand made cards because am grown up thinking we all have child within that deeply craves for it.
    3. I can sip a coffee to stay awake and at the same drink tea over banter with friends.
    4.I seek open spaced conversation regardless of topics and yet find myself confused on breaking an ice.
    5. I laugh my heart out , giggling and guffawing when am happiest and cry oceans until I release everything that am holding onto in my heart.
    6. I feel overwhelmed with little effort people make and at same time little things that they do screw up.
    7. At times I can be super clumsy to get dressed but when do I slay my day. 8. 8. Forgets the track of date, days and specially birthdays but precisely remembers the number of months, days, hours, minutes and seconds left for mine.
    9. Runs away from hard metal rock and finds home in Sufis, gazals.
    10. Connects with the soothing lyrics of Ed sheerans Perfect but gulzar sahab rule my realm.
    11. Fears gol gappe of choking me to death but pops tablets without any restraints.
    12. Nevertheless , sky filled with clusters of stars winking down while lay down on wet grass has always been million dollar experience.
    13. I thank-you for reading this shit.��

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