• umanah 6w

    My Epiphany

    Intuitive grasp of reality,
    Illuminating discovery of possibilities,
    Striking realization of vanity,
    Manifestation of the essential.

    Lots of lies I was brought up to believe...
    Now I have to put it to sieve
    The dead is appreciated
    More than the living.

    Pain essential for universal balance...
    Pain essential to enlighten man...
    Pain controls man...
    Man must know pain...

    Hard work doesn’t guarantee success.
    Some are poor to maintain balance
    Balance crucial for universal survival;
    Some must be poor for the others to be rich.

    Man’s nature is betrayal
    As forever is never;
    Good things must end
    Good memories can’t stay forever.

    We all have dreams, aspirations, hopes
    Sadly deep down you know you won’t accomplish all.
    In your prime
    You look at your kids hoping,
    Pushing them to the edge
    To acquire the dreams,
    You couldn’t.

    I hope to be internationally known
    By my works
    I might never publish them;
    In my prime I will.
    Look back at this days with nostalgia and regret
    The world never knew me
    Just another breadwinner
    With dreams that never survived.

    Counting on his son,
    Hoping he doesn’t fail like me,
    Pushing him to his edge,
    One last futile attempt;
    To leave my footprints
    In the sands of Time...