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    It's about her simple living with her sparkling thoughts and lots of feeling ; and a goal to reach her dream.
    She was going with the flow towards her dream, suddenly she faces emoticon of love.
    She met him first time at school. He was her senior.
    It was an incidental meeting for them, during a form submissions of an Olympiad at the office of the school.
    She found that they knew little bit about each other. But it was their first meeting. He made a good impression on her. As First impression is always powerful because they are hard to shake...!
    Everything was going well in her life as usual. Even Many times they met at many events,occasions,parties and all. Later she found that her family and some people around her also knew him. On those days these all incidents were normal and there was no feeling in her mind for him.The days unfolded and there were no any single conversation between them.
    On the very next year, she left the school. And went out for the studies. As today, there is vast use of social media. She was connected with him on social site. Sometimes she used to chat with him;
    Their conversation was too formal. It was approximately, two years had passed. One day she text him after a long gap. They started chatting as usual. But on that day she felt something different for him. Even she didn't knew that what kind of feeling was that..??


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    It is an imaginary story. It is the first part of the story. Though it is lengthy but I hope you all will read it till the end. It's first attempt to represent a story before you. Suggestions are always welcome.

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