• akaaba_usman 10w


    Long time ago in a fairy mystical realm, there lived a fairy called 'mystique'. Mystique was a well known fairy throughout the realm, she was gentle, friendly and kind hearted, she was loved by all male fairies for her beauty and lovely gestures. Mystique was a gifted fairy with lot of magical powers but, with all her powers mystique wasn't able to conquer her worst personality which is "a terrible sense of direction"

    One day the fairy realm was hit by an unlikely catastrophe that causes lot of damages, deaths and sufferings to the realm, the king of the fairy realm ordered for the present of the fairy priest and all fairies in the realm. The fairy priest arrived and stood beside the king in front of all the fairies in the realm, the fairy priest consulted the fairy gods on how to erase the catastrophe that has hit the realm and it was revealed that a fairy must go deep into the evil forest to retrieve a long lost powerful crystal back into the realm in order to erase the catastrophe in the realm. With the questions in all fairies mind on the fairy that will go in to the evil forest to retrieve the powerful crystal and with no fairy willing to sacrifice his or her life, mystique rendered herself to help the realm in retrieving the powerful crystal from the evil forest, she was given a map to help her in locating the site of the crystal in the evil forest

    Mystique was known for her terrible sense of direction and this installed a doubt in the mind of other fairies if she would make it back from the evil forest, as she set for her quest deep into the evil forest just some moment later, mystique found herself lost in the evil forest despite with the map she wasn't able to site and locate her directions any more in the evil forest, this made her wandered in the forest for some days battling with deadly creatures. Still wandering in the evil forest a day comes when mystique was ambushed by giant tigers and she was overpowered due to the numbers of the giant tigers, as she was about to be eaten off some giant dragons came to her rescue and fought the giant tigers and the tigers were defeated. One of the giant dragons approached mystique and she saw a mark on the dragon's body which made her remembered a baby dragon she once saved and this made her happy

    She narrated her whole story to the dragon and also on how she has been wandering in the forest, the dragons decided to help her on her quest, she was guarded and guided by the dragons, finally she was able to retrieve the crystal. With no time to waste she thanked the dragons for helping her in retrieving the crystal and promised to visit them in time, she was given a lift by the dragons right to the gate of the evil forest leading to the realm and she hurriedly went back to deliver the crystal to the fairy priest. With so much excitement and delight from the fairies on sighting mystique and the fairy priest holding the magical powerful crystal, the fairy king ordered for the reinstallment of the crystal and gave mystique a post in the realm, peace and happiness returned back to the realm and the fairies lived happily ever after