• cole67 9w

    Diaries Of Heaven:

    I'm sending you a message
    These thoughts upon my mind,
    And how all of our memories
    Have survived the time.

    I pick a pretty butterfly
    I pluck him from the sky,
    I tell him all my secrets
    These sparkles in my eyes.

    Oh pretty little butterfly
    My precious little guide,
    I got a journal for you
    These feelings on my mind.

    Tell her how I love her
    Tell her what I feel,
    Tell her how my heart beats
    From all these cartwheels.

    Tell her how I miss her
    Tell her why I do,
    Break it to her heart
    And make her believe it too.

    Tell her how I'm longing
    To see her face again,
    Tell her how her beauty
    Makes both my eyeballs spin.

    Tell her what my name is
    Then lock it behind a key,
    But dare let her read it
    If she cares not for me.