• suly55 10w

    10 Things to Do Before You Fall Asleep Tonight

    1. Overthink. What will you do when your loved ones leave you? What if they're the one who cheats on you? What if that's already happening now and you didn't notice? Good. Overthink about everything.

    2. Remember. Those unbearably embarrassing moments when you shat your pants in third grade? Of course you do! Great, all those humiliations are coming back now.

    3. Cry. For you're the most incompetent and useless person that you know.

    4. Take a good look in the mirror. Punch the mirror for showing you a horrible reflection. For the hundredth times. Get a new mirror tomorrow.

    5. Regret. All those time you could've started a conversation with your crush, but you didn't. Because you're one giant of a pathetic mess that you are.

    6. Complain. About how unhappy you are in your life and how you've done nothing about it to change anything at all.

    7. Compare. Your brother is a successful lawyer who's married with 2 kids, while your sister is a devoted nurse and blessed with a cute baby boy. You? What have you done in your life? You're nothing but a digrace to this family.

    8. Go to the medicine counter in the bathroom. Take all the pills in there at once, like a champ you are.

    9. Lie down. On your comfortable bed with fluffy pillow that you absolutely don't deserve. Take a pillow and put it on your face. Hug it and scream. As loud as you can. No one could hear you like this. Maybe this pillow isn't so bad at all.

    10. Repeat all sequence tomorrow.