• droneking 9w

    DrEaM AnGeL

    This life we live can be up or

    down taking uppers to touch the

    sky or downers to go farther

    than rock bottom because we

    believe in pipe dreams picking

    ourselves apart because we are

    broken life we try gripping and

    choking on the edge of insanity

    diving straight of the edge of life

    into darkness and misery

    because we think our lives are

    miserably praying to a sky on

    fallen knees please help this

    fallen angel flying blind in a dark

    world led by demons whispering

    lies and deceit this world isn't for

    the weak because it feels like our

    purpose in life is hard to seek

    never can the angel feel the

    happiness over taken by the dark

    king,for the angel wants to

    believe,can can never see, the

    dark king won't let her believe.

    over come but the fear, her heart

    on her sleeve,you could never

    imagined what pain she has

    seen, step in her shoes. for this

    angel has seen one too many

    bad dreams this life of a

    nightmare I'm ready to wake up

    from this dream