• hisashikimoto 5w

    I just lost a friend,
    but it never hurts,

    I've always gone through,
    it's so much worse,

    Don't talk to me,
    you would see,

    My disgusting actions,
    exposed, just like nudity.

    I'm a horrible person, and I know that,
    I always realized, actions, springing out,

    Just Like
    an acrobat.

    I'll be leaving, to avoid any more accidents.
    It hurts so much, that I want to kill myself,

    Against a rope,
    Strangling my neck,

    Sharp feelings, hit against my heart.
    I said "Doing this, I don't regret"

    My friendship, feelings, and life, all ruined,
    By one simple experience,

    It never hurts to die.

    This is no joke,
    I really wish I could let go.

    But pain is stopping me,
    From forgetting what happened long ago.

    But such fantasy,
    never happens in reality.

    Call someone, I can't forget.

    Suicide is a daring attempt.

    I'm halfway depressed,

    What else could I do?

    While im just alone here,

    Sitting in my room.

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