• migekambu 5w

    Quest for a soul

    Why do my eyes always cry?
    Day and night it never remains dry
    To wipe it away will someone try?
    Please come to me I'll not feel shy.
    Before my tears with the wind fly.
    Come to my life and deeply you spy.
    Then you'll know why my eyes always cry.
    Tears of river is flowing on my cheek
    Making my cheek no more sleek
    Oh! Kind soul please you peek
    On my face to know there is a tears of Creek.
    And About my life the creek will speak.
    Oh! Kind soul i'm perfectly meek
    I need solace so, to you I seek.
    See how tears are laying down bare
    None of the soul, time for me they spare
    To peep into my eyes with the tender care
    For, the badge of humanity they never wear.
    Till today no soul could ever dare
    To ask about my life's fare.
    Because others burden they don't want to bear
    And never had the zeal to ever hear.
    The sound of pain that comes from a drop of tear.
    No one came till today to wipe my tears with care.
    So, I'm here in quest of a soul with whom my life I can share.