• thewoman21 10w

    They say love is beautiful, but for me, loving you feels like a curse

    I just can't pretend that nothing happened, I can't pretend that at the moment I needed you the most, you didn't leave me. You hurt me and yet you said it was my fault.
    And in a way, you were right, you know why?
    I changed for you, I was about to give up on my dreams for you, to go against my family, friends, my own beliefs just for you. And, You know what hurts me the most, is that you hurt me, and the next morning I was the one who came to apologize. I told you I was leaving, and you didn't even hold me back, but the most painful thing in all that is that I still love you, and think about you everyday. For me, loving you isn't beautiful, it feels like a curse!