• cocoadark 5w

    Banyan ( The ex Partner )

    And one day he stopped relaxing under me,
    As if my shade doesn't comfort him anymore.
    He stopped touching my trunk,
    As if he don't find me attractive anymore.
    He stopped staring at my leaves,
    As if he overcame from his disturbing memories.
    He stopped creating lines on ground,
    As if he is now sorted about his goals.
    He stopped cursing my roots,
    As if he found a better place to sit on.
    He stopped writing alphabets on my bark,
    As if he is not going to remember his past.
    He stopped feeding my fruits to birds,
    As if he is not caring anymore.
    He stopped whispering near me,
    As if he don't want his thoughts to come out.
    He stopped coming to me,
    As if he doesn't need me.