• _bsneha_ 45w

    Brain vs Mind

    Brain says ..u don't deserve his love..
    Mind says m only his .. then y not

    Brain says .. let him live happy ..
    Mind knows he is not happy without his part in me ..

    Brain knows .. hundreds of reason to leave me..
    Mind says.. one reason is enough to keep me in life ..

    Brain knows ..he is right whatever he is doing..
    Mind says ..he too wants to grow old with me..

    Brain asks.. is it one sided now ?
    Mind replies ..no.. I can read his eyes..

    Brain knows .. what makes him afraid to love again..
    Mind says ..come once our love is more stronger than before..

    Brain says.. whatever is going to happen ll b right ..
    Mind prays.. whatever ll come in way.. our bond is very tight..