• the_unemotional_one 46w

    The diary entry

    The mom woke up and went
    To her daughter's room as it was
    Way past her time to wake up
    In the room was a girl on her bed
    With some pills on the ground,
    A milky fluid comming from her mouth
    And a diary on the table.

    With trembling fingers and
    Heavy breathing she opened
    The last entry of the diary
    It went. . .

    Dear diary

    'Those were the days when
    I used to be a small petal of
    A freshly blossomed flower,
    Bathing in the sunshine
    Catching little butterflies.
    Drawing a family picture
    On the walls of the house.

    The time when you were my hero abba,
    And mumma was the heroine
    The time when you suddenly
    Decided to leave me and mumma
    And mumma too found someone new
    But you know what abba, even then
    I thought that you would come back
    The 'new' abba was good too
    He was nice to me always
    But when mumma would go out
    He would take me to his room
    And then he would put his on hand
    In my hairs and the second
    On my mouth and said 'shhh
    This is our little secret don't
    Tell mumma ok? '
    With those eyes of innocence
    I used to give him a nod.
    I had red patches over my belly
    Some cuts over the shoulder.
    I tried telling him 'abba it hurts, abba. . . '
    But my mouth was shut from his hand.
    My eyes red with tears.
    Abba my mind screamed your
    Name out loud. Because
    I remembered you telling me
    That you will come to me
    No matter where you are
    All I had to do was to
    Think about you and
    You will come to me.

    I didn't like it abba but I
    Was a kid of 9 years who thought
    This is normal and happens
    In every house, why would my
    Own father do it intentionally.
    He isn't a monster after all he gives me
    My favourite Chocolate every day.

    When I got old enough to realize it
    I tried to tell maa but the words got
    Stuck abba. They got stuck.
    I hope i could tell this to maa
    But here it is in this diary which
    No one knows exists except me.
    Abba I wish you never left us to him. '