• ritiikaaa 11w

    ◆Say no to crackers◆

    Diwali is one of the India's most biggest festival. "Diwali" means rows of lighted lamps. And it's not only hindus festival but it is celebrated all over the world joyfully. "Saying no to crackers" my intention here is not to hurt anyone but the only intention here is that to tell you guys that bursting crackers causes alot of air pollution, noise pollution etc.Diwali does not mean burning of crackers but as days passed people started using crackers! And very few of them might be knowing this is that 1 day diwali pollution = 55 days of regular pollution. I know diwali would be incomplete without bursting crackers but crackers harm our body in numerous ways. Crackers are filled with sulphur which then inhaled causes asthama. I'm an asthama patient here i know how it feels when you are not able to breathe. People with asthama need to suffer alot in this days. They fully affect our respiratory system. After bursting crackers they relase carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide etc fatal gases. Crackers noise can cause noise pollution which causes deafness and stress! Heart and asthama patients are fully affected due to this. And even in this corona time we should think of people who are suffering from corona beacause we all know it's a lung disease so bursting crackers can make this situation more bad. It's my heartful request to say no to crackers and not take it personally on any religious point.