• anushkamishra 34w

    Imagine. Just imagine. If you're a girl, imagine yourself. If you're a boy imagine your sister.

    Just imagine:
    You are returning back from work or some extra classes after your college. It's already late, around eight in the evening. The way from your workplace to home, isn't crowdy, hardly some vehicles pass by. You're on your scooty. Usually, you were home by half past six in the evening but today you had some work. So now, you have to drive back home, on this lonely road. You're somewhat scared already and you hope that you reach soon.
    But suddenly, your fuel is empty. Your scooty stops in the mid-way. You try to start, it doesnt. You can't go back, move forward. You're stuck, no one's around. You don't even have network in the cell phone. You know you are fucked up. You try to drag your scooty but it's a long distance. For how long would you drag it?

    Then there stops a bike almost near you. There are two guys on it. You don't know what to do anymore. One of the guy gets down. One movement and you are ready to run. You're trembling, you're scared.
    He says:- "Hey sister, Do you have a problem?"
    And it's like it calmed you down. You don't plan to run away now. You tell about your fuel tank being empty and that you're getting no network. He tells you about the fuel station nearby but it's a little far, so he drags your scooty to help you out. You get your fuel tank filled. You thank him. As you start, he stops you and says that he would accompany you along the lonely road on his bike with his friend so you drive home safe. You agree. You're now getting the notwork, so you inform at your home. The two guys accompany you until your street. You thank them again and they see you off. You smile. You're home. You're safe. Now stop imagining.

    How would you feel if this was the reality? How does it feel when you don't have to worry about your sister being out so late?
    I know we can't find such guys no more, but you can be one. And trust me, you can be.