• israelmgonzalez 11w

    The News of the World

    The plague ravages the lands
    From east to west
    And north to south
    The funeral pyres grow higher and higher
    No end in sight
    First wave, second wave ...
    No end in sight

    The silent scream of the depressed is audible
    It is the agony of an already dim light
    That will be extinguished any night now
    All he seeks is to know is how
    A crisis of the mind erupts
    As this scene happens a million times over

    War in the middle east
    Peace in the middle east
    The children of Abraham coming together
    In peace and security
    A minor miracle
    Or major one we shall see
    Amidst the darkness of our time

    Tumult in our streets
    Among those who can only see black or white
    The riots the city do blight
    Hatred the soul of the nation does blight
    Livelihoods destroyed
    Does anyone care for wrong or right?

    Ladies and gentlemen
    Thank you for tuning in
    This has been the news of the world