• jarraley 24w


    Her ominous frown hung in the sky
    A palette of turquoise mixed
    With the deepest of greys
    Her tempest is nigh
    A promise
    Destined to fill
    With lashings of wind and rain
    Not for reasons of chaos
    Or bring demise
    But to remove debris and dust
    Cobwebs and grime
    The kind that settles in your heart
    Shr sees too well the gloom
    That sits heavily upon stooped shoulders
    So keep the denials
    Her deluge will wash away doubts
    Those thoughts that trouble and vex
    Tomorrow may not be a perfect dawn
    With a magenta sunrise
    But your mind will be cleared
    With a new warmth from inside
    And your heart will look out
    Her only focus now
    Being able to see
    The horizon again

    ~ Josie A Kerr