• ratha_virus 1w

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    The spot light is really hot
    To stand alone with a fake smile
    The brighter the light gets
    The longer my shadows go

    Drawning in isolation every single minute,
    Someone stole my sleep and ran away.
    Diving into deep water of loneliness
    I hear someone calling,
    may be the god of death

    Rather than people
    My pillow knows all my stories
    Rather than camera, people
    Capture the weirdness in me

    All those strangers saying they know
    What it feels like to be this type of person
    Stop saying it already, I bet
    You have no idea what I'm going through

    Cz, you'll never know
    Unless you walk in my shoes
    You'll never know all
    About my tangled strings
    Cz everybody sees what they wanna see
    And it's easier to judge me than to believe

    It makes no sense earning alot
    It makes no sense being highly secured
    I've heard enough of the things I'm not
    And wonder....
    For what I'm now.. !


    Ps: 5th para... copy rights belongs to
    YG entertainment, South Korea

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