• writingmythoughts 10w

    After you left,
    My life seemed empty,
    All looked lost,
    Everything seemed meaningless.
    Whichever direction I turned to,
    I just found nothingness,
    Many a times I had asked God,
    If this was my karma at work.
    A rudderless boat,
    That's what I was,
    Seemingly meandering,
    In the ocean that was my life.
    Until I was jolted awake,
    A shock of current,
    Shaking me up,
    From my state of impasse.
    Was not born for you,
    Neither did I live for you,
    Till the day I met,
    Why should now be any different?
    Had a life before you,
    Will have one after you,
    A passing shower,
    Couldn't be my life's purpose.
    You were a great part of my life,
    An experience to treasure,
    Time to move on, though,
    Always thankful for your being in my life.