• sirleumas 10w

    At first, I was planning to hire the best Elewi
    That will chant your eulogy
    Till goosebumps of love engulfed your body
    But then I realised that
    I'm the only one that
    Can chant it "titi Ori re yo fi wo"

    Omo Ekun
    That Eledua sent to wipe my ékun
    I will always be on èkun mi
    To adore you olowo ori mi

    I'll fan away the heat of hatred
    With my abebe Ife
    That you may forever enjoy my afefe ife
    And our lovely stride across the land of strife

    My heart was locked against love
    Guys tried to open it
    ṣugbọn pàbó ló jásí
    Not until I found the key in Akure Oloyemekun
    Now I realised that
    Firigban o si lekun afeni to bani kokoro dani

    I found the key of my heart
    In the hand of Omo a muda sile mogun enu pa ni
    I was not surprised when you slayed me with words of love

    Omo okunrin Akure toko Bo
    O fagada perin
    You proved yourself as the son of your father
    When you captured my elephant with the vacuum of love

    Omo obinrin Akure todo bo
    O fosimilo pefon
    Who would have thought
    That your opinion will lead to the downfall of a buffalo?
    Sincerely, you are the son of your mother

    Our love is not anchored by "Sababi"
    Neither is it an aṣiṣe
    That you are the idunnu aye mi
    Bi ìgbín re ba fa
    Ikarahun mi a tele
    You will forever remain Ade Ori mi

    ©Sir Leumas