• eclatcircle 4w

    Amidst All

    In the midst of turbulent rains of resentment,
    amidst cloudy, consuming fears from enmity,
    in a nerve-racking hall of acrimony
    flanked with hovering predators of hope;
    in the jubilant mongers of woebegones
    and amidst the prides of descending arrows of destruction...

    there, right there amidst all,
    kneel me my knees
    fails me my moxie
    wanes me my will;
    dims my vision
    dashes my hope
    fizzles out my fortitude
    and lasts — perchance — my breaths.

    No I wasn't at a lost,
    not subdued,
    neither was I conquered
    No, I was not a villain!

    I had fought toxic winds of perfidy at my right,
    maimed storms from mischief's dunes from the left;
    fears from nefarious friends feared afront
    as much as backstabbings from knaves healed at my back.

    I succumbed not to the all-round tumults,
    I in reality converged all my woes to my knee
    poisoned their lots with potent perseverance.

    As hearth sips last drop off me
    PEACE, eternal peace, settles in!

    I am not defeated — not a villain!
    I am a hero!

    © éclat