• sahnah 11w

    A piece of cloth
    Shape triangular or
    Silk, Georgette or Chiffon
    Plain, abstract floral or
    Black, blue, pink
    Colourful is my wardrobe
    I adorn myself with a scarf
    Protecting my head from the
    scorching sun
    Easing my brain from the
    burning summer
    A piece of cloth I bind my
    head to soothe my soul
    Accustom since girlhood
    now I feel incomplete
    without my headscarf
    All I need to make me pretty
    is my matching scarf with
    my dress
    No earing
    No necklace
    My scarf is my jewel,
    my pride
    my honour
    And my identity.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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