• grantanthony420 5w

    What's it worth.?

    What's it worth the word, everyone's uses for a point or three.
    But in every move any ones makes a plan is in place to reach goals of a positives yield in the time invested.

    Good debt and bad debt are very real and can be used In a investment stand point. Many people don't see time as a worth. But 4 years or more this circle has been but what does one want ? Like what don't u get I am blind send me a message or tell me straight, why the secrets.

    Only reason I can think is a robbery. If I don't know what is it you me to do that will make you happy, I don't read minds. But if you r on the shady side of this bullshit spinned up web of lies, fill me In on the joke cause why am I feeling like I missed the catch and hit the wall.
    No crying in basball. Maybe your problems is my fit or vice versa.

    Never know till u bridge that gap. Or I'll just stay drowning. By the way I can't swim. Thank God to the ones under water cause I just keep danci ng on their heads, for got the water wings wanna bring me some. I know u going leave me once u turn that boat around. But then I won't be lost at sea.