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    We were friends since school ,
    more than 5 years of our friendship ,
    we were there for each other in every joy and hardship,
    he went into relationship ,
    and something happened to our friendship,
    we used to talk less ,
    meetings were less,
    our life went a total mess,
    as she felt that friendship of ours was ruining her relationship,
    things got worse ,
    we parted our ways ,
    from being not able to stay apart for a while,
    we hardly talk after days,
    a day arrived when it all ended,
    the ship of friendship sunk
    and with heavy hearts we bid good byes to each other,
    we cried a lot but decided to not see each other,
    many months passed ,
    we didn't talked,
    however there was still love for each other,
    there was care still present,
    and he still wished her on her birthday at 12.00 ,
    however she didn't replied as she was hurt ,
    still she messaged after days asking about his studies and wishing him good luck for his academics,
    and he said her thanks for the wishes,
    and there was a pause again on their conversations,
    many days later ,
    she was upset ,
    and one day she got a message from him asking how's she ,
    she replied that she's fine ,
    but there's a question in her heart,
    what made their bond of friendship
    who's the culprit ?
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    Bond of friendship

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