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    #Time is it for us or #We for the time? Nothing in this world are we made for, but what ever is in this world, is made for Us. Waiting for new year, why not enjoy the Last Moments of this year, are we still making the same accusations that we made last year? Are we still in a Hope that "2018" will give what we Expect? What are we doing then? Are we not changing this thought in 2018 and bring by our works the expectations this year? Analyse, introspect and have a change in New Year. HAPPY YEAR END.

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    Year End

    This, is it the end of The year?
    We talk, about our sorrows been left with the end of the year, boast about having a beautiful New year. But have we thought, that the year wasn't the one who gave sorrows, pains and despair? And are we still relying on 2018 to give you the joy you didn't have in 2017? YOU, my wonderful friend are the Master of Your life. Will relying on something you can't work give good results? Ask yourself, was it YOU or the TIME that decides what YOU want? MAKE YOUR PLANS HAPPEN DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE DELAY, BUT MAKE IT HAPPEN. HAPPY YEAR END.