• akhily 6w


    I have always been a solo traveler when it comes to riding a bike. Some have asked me why do you always ride solo? To be honest, I was always better by myself and was also scared. Scared? Scared of what?
    I love riding a bike and exploring and the same time, I prefer riding my bike alone. The reason behind it is simple; I would never feel empty, hollow, left out, lonely and upset. This is what I referred to as being scared. I normally never take anyone on my bike when I do a long ride and that changed when I took someone with me for the first time while doing a ride. What changed is definite and for the first time ever it didn’t feel great while completing a ride. Every moment of my ride with her was memorable, fun and ecstatic. Riding slow, talking, witnessing the nature at its best, cracking jokes, smiling, fighting and what not the Ride was just worth the living. I enjoyed every second of it and what hurts me the most is that I miss the thing that she wasn’t there with me when I was headed back home and it left a big hole somewhere everywhere along the whole journey. Taking a look back at the pillion seat every now and then made me realise how fun a ride can be when it’s with the right person. I thought I loved being a Solo Rider but the true story is I was only scared of missing the person if they decided yo go away. I love riding with you and I really missed you on my way back.
    ©Akhil Yohannan