• akhily 10w

    A late Friday night,
    Crowd welcoming the most awaited weekend,
    Celebrations on its way to greet the streets
    Streets and late night stories a combination,
    A night starting with celebrations for everyone else
    Leaving just me and only me all by myself,

    Locked in a room filled with thoughts,
    Keeping my arms over my knees
    Like a pendulum my Eye balls going left right;
    No lights and only darkness enormously
    Not just in the rooms but also in the soul,
    Scared and Lonely I felt,
    The cold breeze of the late November
    Which flew slowly right into my bedroom through the open window

    Tired and busted with this stupidity
    Arrogance and frustration in its peak,
    Humiliation and disgrace filled comments
    Being stabbed right into my heart and lungs
    Bleed and inhale criticism, spelled everyone around,
    With their most disgustingly combined sarcastic laughter

    Ashamed with myself,
    I decided not to fall down again,
    An urge to never stop fighting,
    The rebel hulk inside me, shrinking beneath the soul
    I realised life is so much more beautiful
    With only silence that stretches and stretches...

    ©Akhil Yohannan