• psyquence2 21w

    The discovery of your calling

    Motivation is not something can be developed , it something that has to be discovered . When you let go of your insecurity n anxiety you automatically relax into your environment n develop a sync / a homeostasis with your environment . That's the whole point of meditation . Meditation shares it's word root with medication . Both are therapeutic . Not ends onto themselves . When you relax into your environment , into existence , into the universe , you automatically sync with it's flow . You become a part of the universe or the param aatma as they call it . As you sync with the flow , more n more energy starts flowing through you n that energy is chanellized into creativity automatically . That's why all messengers of this phenomenon have used poetry as a means of expressing it . It can come out in the form of music , dance , celebration . Any kind of creativity . People sing n dance ecstatically in bhakti like the legend of " Meera " or like the sufis cause they relax totally in devotion of the universe calling it by different names with the same idea . In this ecstatic relaxation you realize that dreams n motivations are beautiful but they also not ends onto themselves . The total relaxation into the universe is . This relaxation leads to your true place in the universe , your true home . Your true homeostasis . The state of samadhi ( sama means equilibrium ) .

    © Parth Dewan