• leader_of_tomorrow_ 6w


    Living with insecurities, everyday of your life, makes you a winner.
    The way you swallow all of society's hate and perceptions like it's dinner.
    I know, you don't wake up in the morning feeling like a Kesha song.
    Instead, you decide to curse on the colour of your skin for being wrong.
    Let's not forget those long hours spent building abs at the gym.
    The way you pick up weights and sacrifice proper meals just to look slim.
    Gym was supposed to be about a release of stress or maintaining fitness.
    Instead, you killling yourself with overbearing pain is all I actually witness.
    I know that society gave you a stupid definition of perfection.
    But I promise you, that you do not need that definition to receive affection.
    Please also stop looking at people that seem to be pleasing but are just fake.
    They are just insecure themselves and maybe one day they will realize their mistake.
    Blue, hazel or green are not the colours that define the beauty in our eyes.
    The beauty of eyes is reflected in being sincere, being honest and being wise.
    Having a toned body with flawless skin is not being the perfect person.
    Believing fake lies and deceptive social media will just make your mind worsen.
    However, broadcasting love and attaining the power of pure knowledge-
    Those are traits which society may hate but the universe will acknowledge.
    Also being with social media royalty does not make you a hero,
    Especially when all that came from the relationship amounted to zero.
    Be with someone who loves you and inspires you every single day.
    A person, who is also not toxic and who does not care about what you weigh.
    In the end, every single one of you are so beautiful- just like art.
    But you need to stop thinking with society's eyes and rather with your heart.