• anzzy123 22w


    Avoided your calls
    Like the plague
    Didn't realize how mean I was
    Treated you like garbage
    Never knew how it broke you so
    You looked at me and can't believe I was real
    I looked at you and feel real sorry for you.

    Even though Speedy's gone
    I still remember his birthday
    And his favorite song
    And how the light shines from his eyes
    Like everything he sees is beauty.

    You laid eyes on me
    And my ignorance struck
    Couldn't believe anyone could love
    Like speedy once did
    And couldn't believe anyone could love me
    And I broke your spirit

    To my unknown lover
    Sorry I was so blind
    Talked you down
    Killed your spirit
    Much to my eternal shame
    I'm sorry I wasn't what you thought
    I promise someone's gonna love but someone isn't me.

    P.S Dedicated to all those we said no to and didn't give the opportunity to express their romantic feelings towards us. If it's any consolation, we saved you guys from a world full of drama.
    ©Joy Anzzy Isa.