• heart_in_inks 23w

    A letter..

    Dear you,

    I'll feel really greatful if you let yourself recognize what you're made of. You're a precious creature. You're nothing less than any other being. Stop letting yourself fall down for ones who'll never offer you a hand to pick you up. You're enough strong that you'll pass all those dark waters with a great enthusiasm.
    Look! You're so pretty. You look more beautiful when you smile. Why do you hide this smile from others ?
    You're so much better than those people who just wander with no aim, without a slightest concern about themselves. Wonder how will they ever help the other !
    Just take a look around you. Keep silent.
    Ask your mind all these questions..
    You'll definitely find an answer supporting you.
    You're brave
    You're good
    Dear you, ...You're love ❤