• __pratik_ 50w


    It was a pretty gorgeous day
    In his old school he got her sight that day
    She was burning with a candle's ray!
    For him darkness was not all around
    For he saw his light in the dark that day.

    A year was to be passed by since
    When both of them had indulged in.
    I fear! Only he! Not she!
    Many an alliances he broke
    Thinking about his golden candle forth.

    Spring was left behind a thousands of seconds
    And it was time for autumn to set.
    Setting out in the winter - having it chained.
    He went out to see his candle that day.
    He adored her so much thinking he meant everything for her.

    But who can lock the winter's harsh inside?
    It rushed suddenly without a knock- oh my dear!
    Many a dreams he had unshared
    Much a life he was dreaming to share!
    Unfortunately the candle had got herself a stand.
    And all his dreams suddenly lacked a ground to stand.

    She told him one fine day the story of her new found stand.
    And Somewhere Someone Died Without A Noise!!