• blackcupcake 6w

    #love #friends #friendship #romance
    What could be worst than falling in love with your best friend?

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    I walked the miles and played the part
    I've competed with players of great minds and hearts
    Yet like you I have never seen
    You swept my mind away and you made my memory clean
    It's like I've seen no one but you
    My whole life was a lie, it's only you that is true

    I walked the miles and played my part
    People only saw a side of me, but you saw art
    You saw my soul, and you called my mind sexy
    You didn't whistle for my body, though you were tipsy

    I walked the miles and played the part
    You are my friend, I hope it is just a start
    But I would never push you, I love who we are
    I can't let go of your memory that wasn't so far
    I miss you so much and I hope you're here
    It's been a week and I still need you to be near

    I've walked the miles and I played many parts
    Being in love with my best friend is not a very good start
    Never thought that this I would do
    Never thought in my life that I'd fall for you