• __dannyyyyyy__ 9w

    We had our love,
    We had our fights,
    We had our tears,
    And we had our smiles.

    Now all that is gone,
    And without you, nothing seems alright.
    But don't you worry darling,
    Whenever you need me,
    I'll always be there by your side.

    You helped me grow,
    You made me glow,
    You made me laugh,
    Whenever I used to feel low.
    I have got many flaws,
    But you ignored them,
    You made me feel perfect,
    As if I'm a precious gem.

    I know you can't come through,
    But I wish that you knew,
    When we first met,
    I saw my future in you.

    But all that is gone now,
    My life is just a sad song now,
    So I'm gonna keep singing along,
    Until I'm long gone.