• jasalynns_writing_again 22w

    I wrote this during a thunderstorm amidst a panic attack and writing it calmed me down a lot

    #storm #claustrophobic #poemstosooththestormysoul

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    Claustrophobic Storms

    A thousand drums beats, a drum role beating my eardrums and rumbling thoughout my bones so hard they collapse me inward and I'm trapped in my own rib cage.
    A bright streak of lightning lighting up the night stealing the power from my home and the power to control my steady breath.
    Rapid, random thuds of rain rapping against my walls as uncontrollable as my hammering heartbeat mimicking the unsteady thunks and thuds.
    It's not the fear of a storm that binds me to my bed like chains, but the fear of not being allowed that freedom to move as easily as the thunder gets to roll, the lighting gets to flash, or the rain gets to fall.