• vinninder_grewal 10w


    When nights are dark and cold it rains,
    You have no shelter to protect your tale,

    You question the stars and the dragon life
    Heart is doomed so you scream for light

    But things are turned when I found this way
    Charcific Valley is the name they say

    Now here I go fighting the legends
    Articuno at my feet , Dragonair fearing my presence

    A Strength beyond which now match the Dragonite
    Regardless the fact that I am only a firetype

    Devil enough to fight on volcanic rafts
    Reckless enough to hold Magmar's fireblast

    Speed and vigility that adds to Sesmic toss
    Which Gary's Blastoise was unable to cope

    The day will come when I finally rest,
    When I beat the Mewtwo at his best