• anshikajverma 10w

    I as a writer,
    Am a lot of things.
    I am not just me but also all the other particles that exist in this Universe.
    I am not just a name but a wall on which anyone can write his name.
    I don't belong to one race, religion,trait or emotion..
    I am as many as they are.
    I have no one face, no one structure to define my existence, I am a human, an ant, a fruit, a flower and a little piece of iron too.
    I don't have a particular flow to call mine,
    I flow in fluids,
    I can flow in solids too.
    I don't have one drive,
    Everything in this world, dead,living or non- living,
    Has a way to drive my urge to write.
    I don't have a set intention to follow while writing,
    I can support and oppose an idea in different timelines.
    My reasons to write don't depend upon my reader's understanding of truth and lie.
    I can be honest yet hidden behind veils, I can be naked in sheen dishonesty.
    My opinions about world are far different from what world thinks of itself, and I don't regret that difference.
    With that being said, I tell you something about me,
    I don't need to experience an emotion while I write about it, I am gifted with an art to feel what others do. May be it is in other writers of writing all that they feel, I have a thing with feeling the feelings of whatever I touch or whatever touches me. I don't assume, I hold and rest the pain of them.
    I am a blank sheet, I absorb that what passes me.


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    The writer in me is a super sensitive human.
    She is a blank sheet,
    which absorbs every drop of ink that passes.

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