• ambivertquki 10w

    She has not been stayed clumsy
    she was beyond the perfection
    she was meant to chase after dream Cuz, she had less less expectations
    within the original form of life
    stayed natural, confident and bold
    she wasn't quiet at all, nah,
    being happy, she didn't forget
    to know the meaning of sorrow
    she followed the poor,
    and consoled them by shoulder
    she was so young,
    she was so young,
    since she had seen darkness
    the emotions to be cared, lost;
    the feelings to be carried, lost;
    the thoughts to be admired, lost;
    the confidence from the peak
    came down gradually,
    she lost interest in everything
    she lost to meet everyone
    she lost to interact anyone,
    she left to smile,
    she left to feel alive
    all what she has, herself
    to be found,
    tried back ever
    but she fell down every time
    she stopped to encourage others
    and broken inside
    others framed her happiness
    like she's the most happiest soul
    to be found
    since she gotta spirit
    to be understood
    she bloomed again
    she flew again
    back in the same rhythm

    ~Ambivert Quki