• chinmoy781125 10w

    Holding my pen and getting wet in the rain
    Moving two steps forward to enter into the life train
    Brain thinks about the efforts that went down the drain
    Fear of falling always holds us back
    Desire of success, wealth and pleasure keeps us on track
    Our life is like a tree
    It has leaves, branches, and roots
    Leaves are beautiful at the beginning
    When the wind blows they dance with it
    When the season change they change and eventually they fall away
    Branches seems very strong and durable from far away
    They say, "You can depend on me."
    "I am always there for you."
    Follow up those promises you find that they are hollow
    Roots of a tree are permanent
    They go through everything, hell and heaven and still stays strong till the last breath
    Millions of leaves fall away, thousands of branches break down, but a few roots down at the bottom make sure that it gets everything that it needs