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    Now, this is really very important to look on.. ����

    Sorry for having a big one ...����..bt give a read!!

    I read in an article a few days ago,
    In a village in Africa,
    There is a lottery. And the men bet on lottery not for monetary returns.. But what they earn is.. O I must say what evil they commit is they win girls.. And they just use them.. And then throw..

    It's clearly ridiculous.. ����

    To bring this into light.. I use the lottery to take a stand for those unfortunate women out there..

    I hope.. I have been successful in bringing the evil to everyone's mind..!!


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    Lottery in Africa..

    I hate my existence for what I am,
    To those skirts yell and laugh those men ?
    The penis comes to me and draws one Chit,
    The women hiding in my larder skips a beat,
    For they fear to live,
    For they fear to leave!

    And of them ,
    The most unfortunate is samanta,
    She is always won by some one,
    She cries at her beauty,
    She yells on her existence,
    She is there on desert with a handsome!!
    The shells there were, the beads of her childhood dunes and palaces,
    Now, the gown she wears leaves just traces!
    Traces of the story untold,
    Traces of the women unfold!!

    What do I live for?
    To scratch a woman's body,
    Or to fulfill the buckets of those rascals !!

    - Riya Mulchandani