• starmike 6w

    He looked at the mirror, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then brought out a white handkerchief to dab at his mouth. Stopped for a while, opened his eyes and smiled, letting his long sharp Incisors show. He paused and walked closer to the mirror, sighting a blood stain on his teeth, he slammed his cold, bony hands on the table that laid in front of him "Now I have to go clean up again, why do you have to have so many arteries?" he asked as his facial muscles contracted to a frown and looked at a bloodied body surrounded by the whizzing flies that laid next to him.
    Darkness engulfed the room accompanied by a whirlwind, causing the mirror he looked at to fall and shatter, the windows slammed shut, and the door creaked. He smirked smugly. "She is here!" he said as he picked up his sword and swooshed off.