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    Happy Mother's Day To All The Wonderful Mother's��

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    Happy Mother's Day

    Mom I know we've been through a lot
    But to this day I have not forgot
    All the things you have done for me
    Opening my eyes and letting me see
    All the rights and wrongs in life
    And help me battle my everyday strife
    To know your love is a great feeling
    Thinking of it helps me with dealing
    And on this special day
    I will always say
    That I love you in each and every way
    You are the perfect mother for me
    And no matter what I want to be
    I know you will always be there
    To show me that you care
    I hope this touches a special place in your heart
    Because no matter what I shall never part
    I Love You Mom in so many ways
    And today is for you mom, your special day.