• afterglow 6w

    Claws of Destiny

    My model - needs fixing
    My painting - not finished
    My kite - not high enough
    I look over my shoulder
    Wait ... Please. Not yet
    I need more time

    Time laughs at my naiveté
    The claws of destiny have finally dug in deep
    Dragging my childhood into its event horizon
    Never to return

    I am adrift in the here and now
    Sinking slowly into the sediments of time
    Pulled down the waterfalls by the gravity of tomorrows

    I am on a tiny boat in a sea of eternity
    Dragging my feet through the waters of endless possibilities
    The only solace is in my recollections
    Unscathed and immune by the clutches of time

    A gentle breeze has caught the sails of my memories
    Pulling me towards the island of my childhood

    I look up at the falling sand of the hourglass
    I see a silhouette in the backdrop of my aspirations
    It is a boy fixing his model
    A boy finishing his painting

    I am pulled through the aperture of yesterday
    No longer encumbered by the currents of the future
    I slip off my shoes on the sandy beach
    Feeling the grains of time immobilized between my toes

    The boy approaches handing me the kite and string
    I realize the smiling boy is me
    One more task to accomplish
    It is time to fly my kite once more
    Now I have plenty of time

    This time I will touch the sky