• theerthapavithrangayathri 5w


    In the name of love,
    She had been caged, devoidly,
    Curbing her action of freedom,
    To be reined under the chained irons.
    He, being bossy, condemned her to slavery,
    To be destroyed, with no hope of recovery,
    Had said once, "she shall not fly,
    She ain't the righteous to dream,
    She isn't fit to know the world".
    For in view of the fact that,
    The world would be a threat to her.
    With him, the compromises felt compressing her,
    With him, the sacrifices felt suppressing her,
    Letting go the opportunities had oppressed her,
    Squeezing off the morale of herself,
    Even more, like an imprisoned slave.
    When all is said and done, in sequel,
    Stood ahead an articulate girl.
    Scraping up the scattered mind,
    And balming on the bleeding scar.
    Wrecking down the veil of threat,
    And showing off the glass-clear thought.
    An ember of rage showered like rain,
    Stucking her head and shattering the cage,
    That there is Dawn at the rear of dark.
    Be the world a threat to her,
    Be the people tear her down,
    Be the notions ruin her.
    Pull her not with the jerky knock,
    Quail her not with the dirty jinx.
    Let her rip off the stuffy sheath,
    Or set her free to let her fly, for,
    eternity to attain her darkest desires
    And then one day she will fly.