• molamoon 5w

    For the women's international day

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    STOP !

    One year or more women go through one arch,
    There it could be/ always can be dark,
    Everthing felt/ feel silent.

    They hoped/ hope for true love,
    But the promises of some men only are empty words,
    In their eyes a woman was/ is a stupid dove,
    Such men made/ make women blue.

    One year or more a woman went/ goes through hell and torture,
    Some men fixed/ fix women with a look like a snake,
    Some women were/ are naive and unfortunately easy prey,
    The pain felt/ feels like every day,
    When they did/ do not come immediately,
    Their jealousy drove/ drive some women crazy,
    But how long could/ can women endure a heartbreak?
    Why did/ do some men hurt women?
    What was/ is the price women had/have to pay?

    Some men are heartbreakers,
    And see women as sextoys,
    They did not wish to be a boyfriend or husband but wanted to be playboys or badboys,
    Such of them can also develop as tyrants, rapists, murderers or haters,
    So I order you when you are a woman to get out and yell:
    "STOP to rapists; STOP to tyrants; STOP to murderers; STOP to woman-haters!
    STOP to the violation; STOP to the suppression of the women; STOP to assassinations; STOP to fights!
    As a woman, you also have rights.

    As a woman, you are worth no less than a man,
    Don't let yourselves be subdued, defend yourselves, don't make yourselves an object!
    We are also only humans and we also can."

    Be careful, please don't go into danger!
    Don't let yourselves be shut up!
    As a woman you are also right to make your own decisions,
    Get out and fight for women rights in the city centre!
    You are right to go your way, to determine your future,
    Certain times should not be as they once were.