• lalitha_l2 5w

    The sunsetted in the red blue sky,
    And the clouds were thundering as it was too disturbed.
    The rain is too heavy as the hope is dead.
    When thoughts are making me insane,
    The tears didn't stop for a minute.
    No matter how much I cry,
    the heart pain never lost its weight.
    No matter how many are there,
    No one accompanied as a true one.
    No matter how many words I say
    Heart is not courageous as in the words.
    Eventually, silence is also scaring me.
    When the mind is totally depressed.
    And when the hunger erupts, in this situation.
    With this empty stomach,
    Did the eyes fall to sleep??
    How much I concentrate on the work,
    The same thoughts are alive in subconscious mind.
    How much did I divert,
    The same is alive and killing me as a jealous cruel killer.
    Even the day pushed,
    The same is alive in the dream and making me scared.
    As the humans
    We think about what is lost.
    The feelings of crying and angry are competing as the mistake was not done by the one.
    The thought of ​​change of day was lost
    As the pain remains for days.
    Can I survive with this pain
    Until the day changed.
    It really feels good to leave the breath in selfish world as these thoughts and loneliness are killing alive.

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