• _sl_bairnwriter 9w

    Times change!

    Everything changes....
    From those old talks we had .. about our crazy life ,cinemas n songs
    From the past incidents we experienced and it's narration to introduce ourselves to each other.
    From that time to daily doses of salt to our sugar filled responses
    All ended up sudden!
    Without even giving a sigh of..
    "_A friend you are _ "declaration ;it was between us
    Neither you were a friend for me..nor I was a friend for you..
    We both knew we remained in the so called class of "strangers"...that virtual world has offered us..
    Neither a sigh of nor a good bye we said..
    But everything ended without leaving a last message of hope ✨
    You know what you are to me, and how special place you take in my heart...
    Once more i need to say ..,
    You are my AMOR and forever you will be
    Hoping for a good meeting again in life ,
    Once more!!!