• zakariahusni 5w

    I still think of you—
    In my commute going home at night.
    The long hours we spent on the phone
    As if it can bridge the miles that seperate us.

    Love, maybe I'll always miss you.
    Always think of you on my way going home.
    Cos you once were...

    Eyes that understands,
    arms that offers comfort,
    voice that radiates love,
    hands that knows how to hold a heart.

    (Long drives under the city lights
    has a way of reminding me of you;
    how much we always wanted to travel together
    but we didn't have a chance to do so.)

    It still makes me cry.
    Still makes me sad.
    Still makes me miss you.

    I still convince myself
    that we are still meant to be.

    — Zakariahusni